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On this site, the organization stalker of the Soka Gakkai is thought to be a civilian director in Japan andan impression craft activist by a civilian person further down the LDP's Seiwakai regime

Listening to companies and activities that are visible are eye-catching Japanese actors (ie police,public security)
A stalker - activity cooperation request can not be made unless it is a police officer (the LDP has beenmade malicious by law amendment)

Furthermore, I think that Japanese emperor Akihito also listens to this group stalker information fromthe LDP Kiyohikai and is sharing information.

It is Hate Climb by the United States.

American white weapons weapons crime (used for civilians),
History of collective stalkers (spy activities, assassination measures, human rights violations)

1920 Albert W. Hull of the General Electric Laboratory invented the magnetron
About 1942 Manhattan Project
Around 1945 Paper clip strategy (subject to the integration intelligence target of the United States)
Presentation of the Nuremberg Principles in 1947
Charter plan implementation in 1947

1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and NurembergCode
1948 Communication and EEG measurements by reflected waves
1950 Bluebird plan implemented in 1950, the following year artichoke plan and renamed
1950 MK Ultra Planning Start ... 1953 (?) ~ 21st century, now
The use of microwaves for stealth weapons begins to draw attention in countries around the worldsince the 1950s
Proposal of formulation of safety standards for microwaves by John McLoughlin in the 1950s
1950s to 1970s Moscow signal case

1956 Introduction of Cointel Pro FBI secret operation

1957 Drug and electric experiment of Canadian psychoanalysis
April 1957 Soka Gakkai's official election law violation case, Osaka incident occurred, Daisaku Ikedaarrested
1961 Presentation of Microwave Hearing Effect by Allan H. Frey
1962 Principle of transmitting audio signals to the head Presentation of microwave auditory effect

1964 MK Search ... Successor to MK Ultra Plan
Pandora planning started in 1965

Succeeded rainfall experiment by HAARP technology in 1967 Vietnam War
1969 Animal experiments such as sleep appetite and appetite by Yale University, Dr. Delgado

Discovery of Microwave Auditory Effect by NASA in the 1970's

Conclusion of international treaty prohibiting the use of earthquakes and meteorological weaponsbetween the US and the Soviet 1970s

1970s US military GPS usage started
1973 Walter Reed Army Research Institute Develops Wireless Voice Transmission Technology

1974 E. M. Taylor, B. T. Ashlemann announces "involvement of central nervous system in microwaveauditory effect"
1974 Illinois University conducts a reproduction experiment of microwave auditory effect
July 19, 1974 Kenneth R. Foster and Edward D. Finch "Microwave audible; Evidence for thermoelasticwave auditory stimulation by microwave pulse" announced
1975 MK Ultra plan development discovered

1975 Chou C, Galambos R, Guy AW, Lovely RH "Cochlear microphone potential generated bymicrowave pulse" announced
1975 Don Justesen announces "Microwave and Behavior"

April 20, 1976 Patent application related to electroencephalogram analysis
1980s America, Portland Pediatric Cancer Incident

Collective stalker in the late 1980 's, damage by forced tail begins to be confirmed
After September 5, 1981 female protest group on US military deployment receives microwave attack(UK)
40 1989 NTT, applying for computer patent to decipher thought from brain wave

1989 The American embassy instructed and Japanese students attacked by electromagnetic waves andpulse weapons
The US Embassy admits the use of this weapon and stops using this weapon at one time
At this time the LDP Kiyokazai frantically devoted this thing

August 22, 1989 Establishment of Stockin patent
1990 Peru serial killer
October 19, 1992 Patent application of "identification method and identification device" by receivingelectromagnetic waves
December 11, 1993 Patent application (patent application) "biological function stimulation method andapparatus utilizing properties of self-similar spectral structure" such as psychological induction, sleepintroduction

1995 CIA Japan dominated work related document is released in the USA

Soka Gakkai police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department exceeded 4000 in 1995
March 20, 1995 Aum Shinrikyo, Sarin Incident Subway incident
November 21, 1995 "Defense device against telepathy system by transmitting and receiving biometricinformation" Patent publication in Japan
1996 NEC, applying a computer patent to decipher thought from electroencephalogram
Patent application of thinking actuation system based on Jun. 12, 1996

December 13, 1996 US military filed an electromagnetic wave patent "Method and Apparatus UsingRadio Auditory Effect"

Administrative order regulating confidential human experiment 1997 (USA)
January 25, 1998 Establishment of a victim of victims of radio waves (present NPO Tecnet)
In 1998 the French National Bioethics Committee aroused attention to the progress of neurosciencethat can think eavesdropping
June 1999 Microwave auditory effect specified in the World Health Organization (WHO) creationdocument "Radar and human health"

October 26, 1999 Murder case of Okegawa stalker, collective stalker crime comes to light of the world

Stalker regulation law established in 2000 lawmaker legislation Group stalker (spy stalker) is not included

Stalker regulation law established in 2000 lawmaker legislation Group stalker (spy stalker) is not included
The word 'collective stalker' emerges on the bulletin board site '2channel' around 2000
May 24, 2000 Stalker regulation law established, the concept of stalking crime is limited to love-relatedcrimes

2001 Microwave weapons are banned in Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill that considers the microwave, ultrasound, ultra lowfrequency, light (all belonging to electromagnetic waves) equivalent to weapons in the House ofRepresentatives.
Following the United States and France, Russia has already approved the presence and danger ofelectromagnetic technology at the government level at this time

April 24, 2002 The US military filed an electromagnetic wave patent "Transmitting Speech Using RadioAuditory Effect"

October 22, 2002 US Air Force Acquires Hearing-Induced Weapons Patent
2003 around the year microwave experiment, tetra research plan (UK)

July 1, 2003 US Air Force acquired patented weapons of illusion

2003 Liberal Democratic Party Kiyokazai Koizumi's collective stalker crime was spread over the net,and Daisaku Ikeda appeared at the writer. "Japanese leave Japan." Koreans go out of Japan and go!Retaliation
Soka gets wearing wet clothes and the coalition ruling party rewards theory
But since I was also a president of the United States and a presidential candidate for the United Stateswho illegally attached GPS to the vehicle in Japan, I was also a president of the United States andpresidential candidate, so that Daisaku Ikeda was not the main criminal of this crime,

Another day when the police of private clothes made a body contact for civilians towards the roadway,they quickly hit the criminal's body and hit the car. That man shouted at once! "Police station!" Policestation
I immediately informed the police 110 number. The police came but is it okay? I listened to both andwent back to the police as it was
The police have gone wrong from this Koizumi administration

January 2005 Founded a group of striker technology crime victims FFCHS in the United States

February 28, 2005 AGSAS website opening, gas criminal concepts such as gas lighting will beintroduced to Japan from abroad
October 6, 2005 Canon Inc. released Japanese biological information monitoring device related tothought-resolving devices
Monitoring of Japanese companies and companies by NSA started in 2006 (WikiLeaks)
Toshiba filed a patent on telepathy equipment on January 27, 2006

May 16, 2006 It turned out that the US military used electromagnetic wave ・ directional energyweapons in Iraq

July 13, 2006 Kiyoshiro Imawano announces hospitalization due to laryngeal cancer

December 6, 2006 Declassification of non-lethal weapons using microwave hearing effect

The existence of voice transmission technology is globally proved by December 13, 2006 "Thebioeffect of some non-killing weapons" by the disclosure
2007 Net worker, transition from a cult member to a professional writer such as part-time job
May 10, 2007 Publication "Actual / American Superpower Force" Issued
November 8, 2007 Completed Establishment of NPO Technical Net

2008 announced release of electromagnetic wave audio device MEDUSA
August 25, 2008 Wired introduces the US military telepathic communication equipment developmentnet magazine Wired

December 17, 2008 Death of Ai Iijima, who seems to have been affected by collective stalkers at homeapartment Perhaps I think this is the offense of the Public Security Intelligence Agency The PublicSecurity Intelligence Agency picks and punches illegal residence, the US Forces in Japan We have beenconducting activities to decipher packet information and infect viruses from the use of electromagneticwave weapons, stalking acts, listening work, civilian spy activity, and net activities from 2003 onwards. Ifthe Public Security Intelligence Agency denies this activity, it will disclose information.
The Public Security Intelligence Agency is a criminal organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministryof Justice conducting illegal activities that are said to have been to parrots and the Communist Partyfor the general public.

21 April 2009 Yuuko Shimizu's ex-suicide case of former talent

2009 All around the world designate Soka Gakkai ... Six advanced countries have already beendesignated as cult organizations on a national scale The LDP Kiyonakai is coalitioned with this cult andcoalition government by the LDP New Komeito

Collective stalker in 2010.Info covers collecting artificial crime methodology Collective stalker criminalarrested in the United States in 2010
February 28, 2011 Democratic Obama administration whose technology crime related technology ishandled at the US Presidential Advisory Committee as a bioethical problem

March 2, 2011 The first time in Japanese media, the word "collective stalker" is used
March 11, 2011 East Japan great earthquake occurred
July 2011 issue "Electric brainwashing - Your brain is also being attacked" Issued
August 31, 2011 Olympus internal accusation case, collective stalker victim wins in Tokyo trial

Shinoza Abe of the Seiwa party to the president of the LDP in 2011. America's sliding theory
Royal official of the vice president Taro Aso. Actually Prime Minister of Korea, deputy prime ministertheory thick
This Abe administration is responsible for electromagnetic weapons. Victim surges

January 14, 2012 Kansai Television "Behind the Scenes of the World Variety Ura Mayo! Collectivestalker is treated with
2012 NPO Technical Net, confirmed victims exceed 1000
Commercial use of telepathy science 2012
July 9, 2012 Ministry of Justice launched a new residence management system including the prohibitionon the use of the name of Koreans in Japan
September 26, 2013 Washington D. C. Navy Arsenal has caused a gunfire of 13 deaths

93 Exposing Hollywood's MK Ultra rule at Rosanne Bar, Moscow RT in 2013 Again America is definitelygoing

Before 2014 FFCHS member and deputy mayor get assistance for microwave damage (USA)
Prior to 2014 FFCHS members, collect bombardment judge judge, disregard traffic violation (USA)

2014 FFCHS realizes television broadcasting of collective stalker technology crime related programs inthe United States
January 2014 FFCHS, first web seminar held (USA)
Damage to remote technologies such as wiretap eavesdropping about managers of web site damageimprovement responsibility theory around April 2014
September 22, 2014 BS Bazooka broadcasts the report of the Soka Gakkai Damage (1st time)
October 2014 FFCHS, 8 hour live casting held (USA)

October 2014 Tsuku ♂ lose vocal cords with laryngeal cancer
(Kiwa Kai 's entertainment educational school AKB Akimoto' s competitor 's tennis was attacked withan electron gun, but this girl has participated in the activities of the GPS group stalker.There are LDPlawmakers and familiar civilians Suddenly I came by Lamborghini near Amamando in Roppongi to showoff my car and kicked off the tire of my opponent's car for the first time but then I ran into a car andescaped to the car and it should have been an instruction of the Public Security Intelligence Agency

Collective stalker conference (COVERT HARASSMENT CONFERENCE 2014) held in Belgium on 20thNovember 2014
If literal translation is "hidden harassment" or "secret pressure"

November 2014 Established Spy Act in China

December 8, 2014 Broadcasting report program of Soka Gakkai in BS Bazooka broadcasted (secondtime)
December 10, 2014 Specified Secret Protection Act (Act on Protection of Specific Secrets) Enforced

In around 2015 former Gunma Prefecture police police inspected police striker group stalker

2015 MK Ultra Continuation Theory

From 2015, the theory of the death of Ikeda Daisaku comes out. Ikeda completely came out of theworld.

2015 NPO tec network net, confirmed victim exceeds 1,500

February 8, 2015 collection measures activist, former Finnish chief medical officer Dr Kilde medicaldoctor dies
March 9, 2015 Case of five Awaji murders

July 9, 2015 Ministry of Justice launches compulsory repatriation on abolition of Korean nationals inJapan
September 1, 2015 Damage amendment responsibility theory will be released (advertisement)
On November 20, 2015 A gun shooting incident by a victim lawyer (USA)
January 2016 confession ASKA group stalker damage

January 13, 2016 SMAP dissolution riot
Civilization theory of the LDP Kiyohikai. AKB Naturalization in Japan same as Akimoto.
Although there is a relevance theory of selling price, Johnny's itself is suspicious
Takuya Kimura has participated in collective stalkers many times during Koizumi administration. Onetime at the instruction of the Public Security Agency of Japan in 2003.
Together with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi at the 2005 Koizumi administration and ShintaroIshihara governor, they accompanied dozens of police and others and engaged with the government inthe northern part of Saitama Prefecture.
On another day, a vibration of 5th place in the seismic intensity occurs in the building in the northernpart of Saitama Prefecture. Immediately after that the phone from the Emperor to the cell phone I said"What you said was true." (Masako 90's asserts that he is a devil admirer)
Civilians "Who did you hear this number from!" → Now "I can not say that"
At the time of a train derailment accident. A derailment accident just after that phone. This is alsounpleasant. It was coverage every day.
Meanwhile, Kimura confessed to Korea II in Japan and in the 1990s.
Nakai also participated in collective stalkers in the center street in Shibuya around 2003. Perhapsinstructions from the Public Security Intelligence Agency

March 18, 2016 US group stoker victim organization FFCHS dissolved, reorganized
April 11, 2016 Antipsychotic drug BPSD, found to be doubled in mortality rate by administration method

April 13, 2016 BMI technology disclosure, succeed in moving the paralyzed fingers of spinal cord injuryby BMI (USA)
September 2016 Fan aunt, confess victims of hallucinations (South Korea)
September 2016 Aum Shinrikyo, banned activities (Russia)

October 9, 2016 former NSA official, Karen Stuart, NSA whistleblowing

November 23, 2016 Psychosomatic analysis technology by microwave has been put to practical use


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